Block: Full hot tank clean block to the bare metal, inspection, check and re-tap thread

holes and casting, resurface top face, rebore and hone cylinder bores.

Crankshaft: Crack test “NDT”, measure and assess crank, lap or regrind crankshaft, grind true rear crank flywheel mounting flange.Inspect and measure main bearing carriers.

Conrods: Check for bend and twist, check or replace small end bushes as required,

resize conrod big-end bore.

Cylinder Head: Hot tank clean back to bare metal. Inspect thread and casting, pressure test  cooling jacket, check valve guide bores – reclaim or replace as required.

Recut valve seats, resurface main gasket face, reface or replace valves, test

and guage valve springs – replace as required. Fit new valve stem seals, fit

up valves ad springs, vacuum test valves.

Fuel Equipment: Overhaul fuel injection pump, rebuild injectors with new nozzles.

Valve Gear: Dismantle rockershaft assembly – inspect and polish shaft, reface rocker tips, clean and rebuild rockershaft assembly.

New Parts: Pistons, rings, core plugs, valves, crank bearings, gaskets/seals. We also include all gaskets for you to complete your engine assembly.

Build: Reface cam followers, inspect valve and fuel cams, inspect timing gears. Final

clean all parts inspect and layout for assembly. Paint block and cylinder head.

Measure piston to bore clearance, conrod and main bearing clearance and

piston ring gaps. Fit up crank to block, fit piston and con rod assembles to

cylinder bores, measure and adjust piston heights if necessary. Fit and time all

gears, fit back seal carrier. Fit core plugs. Fit head to block assembly using

latest metal layer gasket, fit valve gear and set valve clearances. Fit fuel

injection pump and spill time, fit 4 injectors, fit dust caps.

V1505 four-cylinder

1 495,00£Hinta
  • Front end: Front timing cover and pulley, water pump and thermostat housing.

    Back end: Back plate or bell housing and flywheel.

    Bottom: Oil pick up pipe, sump.

    Top end: Manifolds, rocker cover, pipes, stop solenoid and control plate.

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